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It is called ‘white-labelling’ and happens when a product produced by one company, such as Global Personals, is rebranded by other companies — in this case dating websites.

Also, in a bid to boost their revenue, the company was specifically employing staff whose sole job it was to set up and run fake profiles on the dating sites, to keep members interested. I was put on the back foot and so flummoxed I didn’t contact him again.’Nonetheless, as the months passed, she was sent three emails a day from unlikely suitors, who ranged in age from 22 to 73. ‘I can’t remember any being particularly crude, but maybe they were and I never saw them.’Jenny says she quickly suspected some of the identities were fake.

After her marriage broke down, Jenny Beard knew finding love again wouldn’t be easy.

I was perplexed.’Channel 4 News investigators spoke to whistle-blower Ryan Pitcher, who joined the company in 2008 and a second, unnamed, employee, who detailed the suspicious way in which they were recruited, when they were warned they were not to discuss their duties with family and friends.

’‘It’s upsetting and annoying that you don’t know where your picture is going to end up.

Clearly someone who is reading Nuts is not going to be interested in me, just as I am not going to be interested in them.

Chritmas Christmas is right around the corner, so we've put together information and tips for single parents on planning for the holidays.

Read tips from other single parents on how they celebrate the holidays - whether you're spending it with your children, with family, or by yourself, as well as help to plan and get support over Christmas.

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